Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (F.A.S.) is 100% preventable.  My name is Chanel Torres.  I live every day with the struggles of F.A.S.  It is my personal mission to completely put an end to F.A.S.!  This site will take you on a journey to learn all about me, my mission, and what you can do to help put an end to F.A.S

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  • Barbara Shannon

    Love the new website! I especially love the “Links”! Great job!!!!!
    I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors and in all your future presentations.
    Chanel, you inspire us all! Thank you

  • Anonymous

    thank you!!!!!!

    • advocatefortheunborn

      my book is called SIGNING WITH A HEAVY HAND AND HEART, love mommy, it won the MOMS CHOICE BOOK AWARD AND it’s is a finalist for the INTERNATIONAL READERS FAVORITE book award, if you look on Amazon books you can see all the nice book reviews we got

    • advocatefortheunborn

      Anonymous, thank YOU for looking at my web site, just thought you might want to check out my book, it won the MOMS CHOICE BOOK AWARD and it’s also a finalist for the INTERNATIONAL READERS FAVORITE BOOK AWARD! IF YOU look on Amazon Books you can see that we have received GREAT reviews

  • Kesha Smit

    🙂 Hi Chanel. I would like to join you in your mission! 😀 you are so brave!

    • advocatefortheunborn

      thank you so much Kesha, check out my book on Amazon Books, we got great reviews and won the MOMS CHOICE BOOK AWARD, also our book is a finalist for the INTERNATIONAL READERS FAVORITE BOOK AWARD..thank you again, i could use all the help i can get

  • Anonymous

    chanel, its monday and i woke up thinking about sunday. your heartfelt words were as tall as the bridge over the bay.Then you let me ask you all the questions I did so initially have. Driving up there I thouhgt dear and sweet thoughts of my classmate John,tears welling and falling, with some sweet laughter too. Driving home, I don’t know exactly, maybe it was before I retired, I thought to myself, that that young woman Chanel is so true and serious,what unlocks her laughter? And, if you remember, through the emotional depths of this very special, life (LIFE !) affirming Sunday, I asked you about which sports bring to you relief and relaxation. I figured water must be an elixer to you.Lets talk sometime. You’re a hero and you’ll be ready for whatever that arrives. New friends. David

    • advocatefortheunborn

      David thank you for your kind words above, My mom and I have co-authored a book about my struggles while dealing with fetal alcohol syndrome and our book won the MOMS CHOICE AWARD AND we are now finalists for the INTERNATIONAL READERS FAVORITE book award. the name of our book is “SIGNING WITH A HEAVY HAND AND HEART , Love Mommy, if you look on Amazon books you will see we have received 5 stars across the board so far, thank you again

    • advocatefortheunborn

      thank you Anoymous, i try hard, i don’t want another child to suffer with this 100% preventable birth defect. my book is doing well, look at all the wonderful book reviews we got on Amazon books, SIGNING WITH A HEAVY HAND AND HEART, love mommy

    • advocatefortheunborn

      David, did we meet in Port Saint Luciy? for Johns memorial?

  • Trudy Acevedo

    Chanel, your website is wonderful! You are an amazing advocate and are making so many accomplishments. I am so very proud of you! Your sister, Trudy

  • Anonymous

    good morning everyone, it is now 6:20 am Saturday morning, this is Sondra, Chanel’s mom, just wanted to let everyone know Chanel did a wonderful job yesterday at the DAV Hall, she spoke about her struggles, her plans to end FAS and we both did a book signing for our new book SIGNING WITH A HEAVY HAND AND HEART, love mommy, Chanel reveived a STANDING OVATION!! she is a power house and “AINT NOTHING GOING TO GET IN HER WAY ” She is on a mission to end a 100% preventable birth defect FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME!! GOOOO CHANEL

  • LM

    Chanel — I just finished reading your book. You’re truly an amazing young woman ….a real inspiration! As an adoptive Mom to a 16 year old who struggles daily due to FAE, I was uplifted to read about your achievements. Thank you for writing about such a tough subject and sharing your story. Keep up the great work!

  • margo wagner

    Thank you for what you are doing. Please check out “Gary and the Angels”, a film which is free for downloading along with educational posters, http://www.extolcf.org.

  • Lisa Maichin

    I am so very honored to have met you.
    You have inspired me with your courage.

  • Sharon Andis

    Hi, Chanel, I heard a bit about you over 5 years ago, before your book came out, and was so interested to know more. When I saw that “Signing with a Heavy Hand and Heart” was on the reading list for credit learning hours for foster care, I was THRILLED! I have just finished reading it. This book was about much more than your life, because I adopted a wonderful infant 24 years ago who was early diagnosed with F.A.S. She, too, learned and then forgot, then learned, then forgot. Her name is Melody and she was told she’d never go to college, so she is going just to prove them wrong…ha ha. She has hearing aids and very poor vision and does not drive by choice. She has learned sign language and is preparing to be a teacher of the deaf. She has been asked to give one presentation on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome at a conference and was delighted to do so! She, too, has grit and determination and is a marvelous person who also loves animals, especially dogs. Thank you for writing your story. It has encouraged me. I have been a foster mom for many years, adoptive Mom to 4. May God richly bless you in your endeavors!

  • Sharon Andis

    Oops, one more thing….do you ever speak in the Ohio/Indiana/Michigan/Kentucky/Illinois area? I would love to bring my daughter to hear you speak, if you do. Is your speaking calendar posted anywhere? Sharon

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